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Politics and Government of Pakistan

Pakistan’s Top Political Issues, Debates

Pakistan politics is all the time remained full of different political issues form past to present. Every time there is new Government with new political issue. These political issues are caused by natives of Pakistan sometimes and by the foreign politics. All of these political issues did nothing except making Pakistan more and more week.
Pakistan and its people had even sacrificed there lives just because of these political issues. Still many of them are alive and eating the roots of Pakistan constantly. No one still able to discord them from the country
Famous political issues of Pakistan that are of past and still alive are Kashmir, Kalabagh Dam. The present famous issues are restoring of judges, North and South Waziristan tribal regions clashes & violence with foreign forces and Taliban forces.
There are also many other major & minor political and religious issues and problems that are Pakistan is facing everyday. Pakistan government and politics are still unable to solve any of these issues.